4 Warning Signs That You Need Weed Control Treatment

13 July 2022
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Weed control is the most important part of lawn care, and it's something every homeowner should do. If you don't have a weed control program in place, you'll see weeds popping up all over your lawn. Weeds are an eyesore and they can also hurt your lawn's overall health. They steal nutrients from the soil and sunlight from your grass, making it difficult for your grass to grow properly. Here are four warning signs that you need weed control treatment: Read More 

Crucial Steps Involved When Preparing for Tree Removal

27 December 2021
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Trees are beneficial to the environment and humans, and the repercussions of cutting down the plants are well documented. However, that does not mean that a dead tree that is posing a risk to people and property should be left alone. Such instances call for tree removal by professional and licenced arborists. Therefore, if you want a tree removed from your property, you should contact a local tree service expert. An arborist understands safe and effective tree removal processes. Read More 

Reasons for Needing to Cut a Tree Branch

9 September 2021
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Trees provide beautiful greenery in a garden. However, sometimes they can be dangerous if a branch becomes unstable. In that case, you need local tree services that will have the right equipment, skills and knowledge to deal with the issue. Here are several reasons why you may need to cut a tree branch on your property. 1. Dead Branches A dead branch can become weakened and unstable. It could snap away from the tree during a windy storm or at any point in time. Read More 

5 Indicators That Your Lightning-damaged Tree Needs to Be Removed

17 May 2021
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When lightning strikes a tree, the damage isn't always noticeable, at least at first. But if you suspect that your tree has been struck with lightning, be vigilant when assessing the damage. Dead or dying trees pose a risk to their surroundings, especially in a confined urban setting. If your tree has suffered lightning damage, removal may be the safest option at your disposal. Check your tree for the following signs of damage before you decide how to proceed. Read More 

How to Turn Your Garden into a Sensory Wonder for Your Dog

11 September 2020
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Just as humans do, dogs need stimulation. A patch of green grass in a backyard can hardly provide the sensory input that dogs need. You have probably noticed that your dog loves nothing more than exploring the environment, sniffing and exploring as they go. A stimulating environment with lots of smells, sights and sensations keeps your dog calm, relaxed, confident and healthy. Your garden is the ideal location to create a sensory wonderland for your pooch to thrive in. Read More